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Various Lots & Sets

The Hobby of Kings, numismatics, coin collecting, whatever term you prefer, the study and/or collecting of money is as popular now as it has been in a long time.  The State Quarters Program has drawn many new people into the hobby and has rekindled the collector bug in many former coin collectors.

With renewed interest in coin collecting, it’s important to realize that there are many ways to collect.  Most people like to assemble a complete series (Lincoln Cents, Morgan Dollars, Buffalo Nickels, etc) by date and mint mark.  This can be done using circulated or uncirculated coins.  Choosing a series and grade level to collect usually depends on how much you can commit to your collection.  Other popular ways include a series date set (mintmarks are disregarded), a type collection—one example of each coin series made, or coins of a specific year. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Regardless of how one wants to assemble a coin collection, it is important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible.  There are many helpful books & resources to become familiar with.  “Buy the book before the coin” is a popular saying in the numismatic field.  If a collector takes this advice, he/she will be ahead of most others. However a person collects, a few books should be part of your holdings.

Change In History is an internet coin shop, with a variety of items for sale. You'll find Obsolete bank notes, civil war tokens, Washington Quarters, Roosevelt Dimes, circulated, uncirculated, proof and type coins - cents through dollars. I sell what I like to collect, so I feel comfortable representing each item. Just like a 'brick and mortar' coin shop, if you are interested in several items, contact me, tell me what you're interested in, and maybe we can reach a 'bundled' lot price for you. There are coins from $10.00 and up. Enjoy looking around and stay informed. This hobby is as much about collecting knowledge and 'the hunt' as it is about collecting the coins. That said, the best 'collection' you'll acquire is the collection of new friends.