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Matt Clarke Numismatist

About Change in History


Change In History is a collector-based, internet-based coin store started by me, Matt Clarke.  I am a collector first that, like any collector, enjoys the feeling of owning interesting pieces of history. 

It is said that we are mere caretakers of these items, and true ownership belongs to future generations.  In building our collections though, it is still important to know what we are getting insofaras state of preservation, or grade, and price. 

That’s what Change In History is all about.  Change In History is a small coin business, but also a fellow collector selling duplicate dates and types of coins and currency (that no longer fit what I collect.) 


There are no 4-digit coins or ‘finest known’ coins on the site just yet, but there are decent, eye-appealing coins and notes that are fairly graded and priced.